Wagner Bonsmaras Background
Wagner Bonsmaras Background
Wagner Bonsmaras Cattle Farming
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A short summery of Wagner Bonsamras achievements, activities and success story's.

Farmer Weekly Front Page Cover

Farmers weekly front cover September 2010


In September 2005 the first two bulls were sold at the Bonsmara National Auction.
In September 2006 we sold two Bonsmara bulls one for N$32 000 and the other for N$35 000 respectively.
During the annual Bonsmara appraisal in July 2007, 85% of heifers and 83% of bulls where approved.
At the Bonsmara Auction during August 2007 two Bulls where sold one for N$20 000 and the other for N$ 25 000. The highest bid for the auction was N$25 000.
Together with Otjiwarongo KI club Wagner Bonsmaras present a AI training course. 9 Farm workers, 3 Farmwive’s and 3 Commercial farmers attended the course.
In 2007 at the National Auction a stud bull was sold for N$ 50 000.

Bull Project

In August 2006 together with the NNFU, NAU and five Bonsmara stud breeders the upcoming farmer’s bull project was launched.

Upcomeing cattle farmer
Bull handed to upcomeing cattle farmer
Very happy young farmer
Bonsmara bull hand shake
Successfull upcomeing farmers project
Bull project

The Pledge...

This initiative was instigated by my wife and I in co-operation with Mr Halberstad as part of our respective social responsibility program.
Both we and Mr Halberstad participate in informal mentorship programs for young upcoming farmers and we deemed it prudent to approach the Bonsmara Cattle Breeder's Association with their respective Bonsmara Breeder's to also participate in this initiative. A general consensus exists about the viability of the initiative. However, some reluctance is also experienced due to previous experiences with the Meat Board initiatives where bulls provided through that program were unaccounted for within six months after the pledge was made.

As a result we would request that such initiatives should be closely monitored to maximize the benefit to the upcoming farmer. Bonsmara Breeder's are distributed over all the regions of Namibia. As a result, we can make a big contribution to young upcoming farmers in all regions at once. We have received the firm commitment from Wagner Bonsmara Stud and Ongeama Bonsmara stud in the North. Bonsmara Breeders in the central, eastern and western regions have also indicated their commitment and we will inform you in due course of those Bonsmara Breeder's whom have made firm commitments.

The official handing over of the pledge of Wagner Bonsmaras and Ongeama Bonsmaras will take place on 11 August 2006 at the farm Wagner in Otjiwarongo to which occasion you will receive a formal invitation. This day will also be a Bonsmara Promotional day and a lot of information regarding cattle breeding will be disseminated.

The pledge is made with the following requirements:

  1. The NFU and NNFU should jointly identify those upcoming farmers that would benefit from the pledge
  2. The bull should not be used for more than 18 months at any one farmer as the risk of inbreeding would increase.
  3. The state veterinarian would be required to inspect the bull regularly in order to ensure that the correct vaccinations and feeding was provided.
  4. In the event that the bull dies, such death should also be certified by the State vet.
  5. The upcoming farmer will be required to keep proper records of the bull’s performance and calf information in order to give feedback to the stud breeder of his bull’s performance.
  6. The bull would be moved to another upcoming farmer in the same region after the initial period. An alternative is to move the same bull between 3 farmers of the same region within the same 18 month period. This will ensure better utilization of the bull.
  7. The bull should receive sufficient supplements to ensure peak performance at all times.
  8. The State veterinarian should ultimately certify the bull as “unfit for breeding” when the bull reaches its end of its production cycle.
  9. The proceeds of slaughter of the bull should be re-invested in similar programmes for young upcoming farmers.

We are sure that our animals are of good quality and know that they would assist upcoming farmers with the opportunity to increase production at their farm.

Yours faithfully.

Ben & Corlia Mouton

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